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Shark IONFlex vs Dyson V7 : A Head to Head Comparison

Shark IONFlex is a signature release from the inventory of Shark, and same goes to V7 from the product line of Dyson. Both of these models have their unique selling points, some similarities, and some dissimilarities as well.

When it comes to picking up the best vacuum cleaner within budget, these two models pretty much takes place in everyone's list. And as you've landed on this page, we guess you are one of them.

As always, we've broken down the specs and features of these models and crafted a head to head comparison between Shark IONFlex vs Dyson V7. Let's stick to the bottom and you'll have a clear winner for your point of view.

Let’s start-

Shark IONFlex vs Dyson V7 Comparison Table

Product Image



Weight (lbs)


Shark IONFlex

Shark IONFlex 2X DuoClean Cordless Ultra-Light Stick Vacuum



Dyson V7

Dyson V7 Motorhead Cordless Stick Vacuum



Similarities Between Shark IONFlex and Dyson V7

Before heading into the differences, there are some similarities between these models that we would like to talk about. They belong to the same category of vacuum cleaners, and therefore, they sport together these few features-

Collapsible Mode of Cleaning

A pretty interesting thing about both of these models is, both of them are able to be transformed into a smaller, handheld version of vacuum cleaners. With such a contraction, you will get to clean up specks of dirt from hard to reach areas like the furniture, down the table, other upholstery, etc.

Strong Motor Power

Both of these models sport good motor power with max mode. There are both normal mode and the max modes. In case you are up to regular cleaning chores like floor cleaning, furniture cleaning, the normal mode will be sufficient.

In case you're about to deal with stubborn dirt, the strong mode is there to assist you. It increases the suction power of the vacuum and can work on both handheld and regular mode.

The Dust Cup

Like a vacuum cleaner, both of these models have dust cups. And both of their cups are pretty much similar. And the location of the cups is at the same place for both of the models (the handle).

However, apart from such similarity, there is a little difference between these two. The Dyson V7 there is a radical cyclone that can be extended into the dust cup. And in IONFlex doesn't have any similar feature.

Differences Between Shark IONFlex vs Dyson V7

The Design

Shark IONFlex 2x has a standout handle design that will catch your attention at the first glimpse. There is an attached thing to the handles that allow it to bend into the collapsed mode. The cleaning head is also designed to ensure some easy movements.

Shark IONFlex 2X DuoClean Cordless Ultra-Light Stick Vacuum

Moving forward to the other side of the table, the Dyson V7 sports one of the best designs that the brand had ever come across. It's slim, compact and pretty light in weight. The shape of this cleaner is streamlined to be used in efficiently and effectively. The body is made of silver plastic, and the compartment is made to be see-through. However, it has it's a better version called Dyson V8.

Dyson V7


As we're up to IONFlex, this model from Shark is quite portable. The weight is 8.7 lbs, which is not the lightest model in the industry. But still, it's a good one to carry around. The dimension is 13.4 inches x 10.4 inches x 45.9 inches. So you can say, it has got a pretty decent dimension.

On the other hand, the Dyson V7 has better portability. It measures only 8.2 inches x 9.8 inches x 49 inches and the overall weight is 5.3 lbs. So, it's quite more compact and lightweight than the other model we're talking about.

The Functionalities

The Dyson V7 has got a direct-drive cleaning head. And the stiff and strong nylon-made bristles are deeply embedded into the head. So, you will be able to extract the dirt and specks of dust from areas like carpet pretty firmly. There are three operational moods called- the operation mode, the normal mode and the max mode.

On the other hand, the IONflex is a wider upholstery tool. There is an anti-allergen dust brush, dusting brush and a duster crevice tool provided in this model. So, it's also quite flexible and versatile in use. There are three working modes- the floor mode, the handheld mode, and the carpet mode.

Cleaning Capacity

The cleaning head that V7 has got is a soft roller head, which is superb while it's about cleaning bare floors. You will hardly need a bristle while cleaning with this roller. The grooves of this roller head will easily take up the micro-sized dust particles and suck them right away with the vacuum system.

On the contrary, the IONFlex also works equally fine on bare floors. The head is designed quite sophistical, and it's able to take up specks of dirt efficiently as well. An additional advantage is, it will get to catch up the large-sized particles as well. So, the pieces that are supposed to stick on the floor, will be sucked right to the dust cup.

Shark IONFlex Pros and Cons


  • MultiFlex technology for folding over to be stored easily.
  • Sports a bristle brush and a soft roller head.
  • Deals with both small and large dust particles.
  • Can deal with the floor, furniture, ceiling and so on.
  • Has got a lock-unlock feature with one click.
  • Easy to carry with the convenient handle.


  • The run time is quite inefficient.

Dyson V7 Pros and Cons


  • Cord-free, portable design for effortless cleaning.
  • Quite light in weight and smaller in dimension.
  • The brush power is improvised than it's elder siblings.
  • Maintains a good hygiene.
  • Can transform into a handheld vacuum cleaner.
  • Has got a dust bin volume of 0.14 gallons.


  • Too light for cleaning hard and stubborn dirt.

Bottom Line

Thanks for making it till the very end of this Shark IONFlex vs Dyson V7 review. Hopefully, the perks and demerits are compared head to head so far, and you've made your choice between these two. We don't declare one as the winner over the other. But the comparison might make sense for every individual.

Roborock s50 vs Roomba 980 | Pet Vacuum Lab Blog

Bot cleaners are homemaker's new favorites when it comes to effortless and smart home cleaning. In 2019, this specific industry had gained quite some volume. And there are many models and brands that are talks of the town.

In this post, we've decided to pick two of the most convenient models- Roborock s50 vs Roomba 980, and do a head to head comparison of them all. In case you're in a dilemma with these two, this article is just what you need to read right now.

Let’s start-

Comparison Table of Roborock s50 vs Roomba 980 

Product Image



Weight (lbs)


Roborock s50

Roborock S50 Robotic Vacuum and Mop Cleaner



Roomba 980

iRobot Roomba 980 Robot Vacuum



Roborock s50 vs Roomba 980- The Basics

Roborock is the successor version of Xiaomi Mi Robot, which held an outstanding reputation in the market as a home robot cleaner. And Roborock s50 had been made to be more efficient than any earlier releases from the brand and it sports new mopping features as well.

Roborock S50 Robotic Vacuum and Mop Cleaner

You can sweep and mop at the same time with this cleaner. Also, it contains an anti-allergen HEPA filter, which keeps your air healthy. It's washable in a regular manner.

iRobot 980 is, on the other hand, one of the most popular releases among other elder siblings of it- the iRobot 960, 890 and 860. There is a three-stage cleaning process which contains a 3 stage cleaning system and a 10x more powerful motor.

iRobot Roomba 980 Robot Vacuum

On top of that, there are rubber roller sets that are free of the jam or tangle by every means. It makes a perfect tool to clean the pet hair and other similar dry dirt of your home. But that being said, the brushes require quite dome maintenance.

Head to Head Comparison 

At this point in the review, we will discuss a set of features of these two. Have a look-

Mapping Sensor

The s50 from Roborock comes with a mapping sensor of LDS type. On the other hand, the iRobot 980 comes with camera-based mapping sensors.

Noise Level

When we are talking about an indoor cleaner robot like any of these two, the amount of noise created by each comes to consideration. The iRobot Roomba is a bit noisier than the Roborock s50. It produces a noise of 70dB, where the s50 produced noise of 60dB.

The Motor Suction Power

Of course, it's one of the most important features to consider when it's about cleaning bots. The suction power of s50 is more than the Roomba 980. To be specific about the numbers, the suction power of s50 is 2000 pascal and the power of the other model is 1700 pascal. So you can clean faster and more efficiently with Roborock s50.

The Cleaning Area

Another important thing to check out about these robots is the cleaning area. With Roborock s50, you can clean up to an area of 2691 square feet. On the other hand, you can clean up to 1991 square feet with Roomba 980.

The Dust Container Capacity

When your bot cleaner will be collecting the dust and particles, it will require a space to store them on a temporary basis. That's what we are addressing as the dustbin capacity.

The dustbin capacity of s50 is 500 ml, where the same feature gives up a space of 600 ml with 980. So, the iRobot Roomba 980 is the winner over here.

Wet Mopping

When it comes to moping on wet surfaces, things become a little hard for a bot cleaner to deal with. But luckily, one of our two models can deal with wet mopping. And that's the Roborock s50.

On that note, the iRobot Roomba 980 can not deal with wet mopping.

Water Tank

As a consequence of wet mopping, a relevant term appears in which is termed as water tank size. As the Roborock s50 has a wet mopping capacity, it has a water tank of 140ml. As the other model doesn't come with wet mopping capacity, there is no water filter at all.

Floors to Deal With

What sort of floors is applicable to clean with each of these bot cleaners? Well, we will give you an almost similar answer to these questions. As both of the picks are good in terms of quality, they work efficiently on hardwood, vinyl wood, tile, marble wood, ceramic wood, laminate wood, and the tiled linoleum.

The Charge Capacity

None of these models are required to attach to wall outlets and keep operating as long as it's connected. What we mean is, both of them are battery-powered. But the capacity of the battery varies between them.

In fact, the s50 is way more powerful than the 980. The s50 comes with a 5200 mAh capacity battery, where the other one sports a battery capacity of 3300 mAh.

The Run Time

As a very relevant term to the battery capacity, the run time is an important question for any end-user. The s50 would run for 150 minutes of operations with it's the higher battery. On the other hand, the 980 will go for 120 minutes or two hours straight.

So, the winner is Roborock s50.

Charging Time

As the battery capacity of the 980 is way less than the Roborock s50, it would take less time to recharge itself. So, if a quick recharging period is your concern, you can go for the 980.

Roborock s50 Pros and Cons


  • 5200 mAh battery.
  • Wet mopping enabled.
  • Built-in smart navigation map technology.
  • Smart app control. 
  • 2000 pascal suction power.
  • 150 minutes of constant support.
  • Comes with two different versions.


  • The noise level is quite high.

Roomba 980 Pros and Cons


  • Better suction power for improved cleaning.
  • vSlam technology, patented navigation system.
  • 3 stage cleaning system.
  • Multi-surface rubber brushes.
  • Highly efficient HEPA filter.
  • Quite budget-friendly.


  • Runs only 120 minutes.

Bottom Line

So, that was the wrap up for today’s Roborock s50 vs Roomba 980. We’ve demonstrated the basic know-how, the head to head comparison and the pros and cons of both of these models. Considering all of these aspects, it’s up to you to pick up one from these two.

Compare Shark Rotator VS DuoClean

Vacuum cleaning is something that had evolved a lot since the innovation of electric technology. What even sounded impossible even a couple of decades ago, are now available for a few hundred dollars.

On that note, upright vacuum cleaners are something that had got a number of user-friendly features. No matter it's commercial cleaning or home uses, these are quite some good choices for end users. And two of the most popular upright vacuum cleaner from the inventory of Shark is- Shark Rotator and Shark DuoClean.

Like the name of the models sound, they both have their own way of serving you at their best. But when it's your turn to choose one from this two, what would you look for?

We've tried to answer this particular question in this post and made the purchase decision easier for you. Let's take a break from whatever you are doing, and let's proceed-

Comparison Table of Shark Rotator and DuoClean 

Product Image



Weight (lbs)

Dimension (inch)


Shark Rotator

Shark Rotator (NV501)



45.7 x 12.1 x 12.2

Shark DuoClean

Shark DuoClean



11.8 x 11.9 x 46.1

Shark Rotator VS DuoClean- The Basics

Both Shark Rotator and the Shark DuoClean are upright vacuum cleaners, with a rich number of features for end users. The best thing that they are good at is the back and forth cleaning for even hardest to reach areas of your home.

These couple of cleaners are also used in deep cleaning the carpet. And when they are up to cleaning the bare floor, you need to occupy a brush roll with both of these models.

A common feature that users love about this duo is their ability to adjust the heights. Because of this feature, you can do cleaning on rugs of various thickness.

Both Shark Rotator and Shark DuoClean are run on batteries. So, you have to keep this additional expense in mind when you're up for purchasing one of these two upright vacuum cleaners.

The Cleaning Ability

No wonder that this is the first thing that you take into consideration when it comes to comparing any two products. Well, from our viewpoint, both of these models have got their perks when it comes to cleaning ability.

Let's start with the DuoClean. Well, there is a dual brush roll system because of which, the model is named as Shark DuoClean, and this couple of brushes help a lot when you're cleaning. You can deal with both hard types of floors (hard floors, hardwood floors, laminate floor, tile floor, vinyl floor, etc.). Also, there is a bristle provided with the model which helps you to deep clean carpets. The soft brush roll is there for picking up large particles, debris, and obstacles from the floor.

Now, let's move on and check what the other model offers. Well, this model over here had got an XL size dust cup with it, which gives you an opportunity of cleaning without any interruption. Sizes of dust cups are perfectly made for dealing with both small and micro-sized particles, and also with large debris, etc. A specialty of this model is, it's a perfect vacuum to clean hard to reach areas that even cannot be seen. The LED indicator will show you the path. We'll talk more about this in the following parts of the article.

The Mobility

When you're dealing with an upright type of cleaner, it's important that you know how many degrees of freedom it can provide you with while moving.

The DuoClean has got a dynamic swivel steering technology, which is infamous for providing with a control on the maneuvering. So, dealing with furniture corners and obstacles won't be an issue at all.

On the other hand, the Shark Rotator is a bit advanced. There is a push button along with a lift away technology, which enables you to lift the canister of the cleaner. This will eventually, make it easier to reach and clean hard to reach surfaces.

The Anti-allergen Protection

Shark had got a number of models that are actively protective not only against the dust but also the allergens, bacteria and other micro-level pollutants. Here is a head to head comparison of both these model.

The Shark Rotator comes with an anti-allergen complete seal technology along with a HEPA filter. The Sealing technology keeps the specks of dust and micro-airborne particles away from getting back into the air of your room. And the HEPA filter does the job of trapping allergens inside the vacuum.

On the other hand, the DuoClean model comes with a complete anti-allergen seal that is claimed to capture and trap 99.9% of the dust and allergens. It also prevents particles larger than 0.3 microns to get back into the air from the cleaner.

LED Indicator

Both of the Shark Rotator and Shark DuoClean had got quite some features regarding LED-based indication. Take the DuoClean for example at first place.

The DuoClean comes with an LED light indicator that is located on the nozzle and the handle. That's why you'll have a clear estimation of how much dirt was left alone into the hard to reach and dark areas.

On the other hand, The Rotator has also got LED headlights on the swivel steering system. This will help you rather in steering the cleaner right away with superior control on the movements.

Shark Rotator Pros and Cons


  • Lift away press button to work comfortably.
  • Complete seal against anti-allergen.
  • Advanced swiveling steering.
  • LED headlights on the steering.
  • Comes with XL sized vacuum cups.


  • It's not a great fit for carpets.

Shark DuoClean Pros and Cons


  • Sports dual cleaning brush for soft and hard surfaces.
  • Can deal with carpets and hard floors- both.
  • Fingertip control enabled.
  • Anti-allergen technology and HEPA filter.
  • Can capture larger particles than 0.3 microns.


  • A bit high in terms of price point.

Bottom Line

Both of the models that we've talked about in this Shark Rotator vs DuoClean comparison are good at their own jobs. Although, there are a few deviations of feature, that's something that would take place to each set of products. So, it's better to decide which kind of area you're about to apply this into and make the right choice.

Compare Neato D80 vs. D85 | Price and Major Features

Robot vacuum cleaners are becoming the foremost choice of all the houses. Although they fall relatively on the higher price range than the conventional vacuum cleaners, the ease they endow in cleaning is unfathomable.

The market today is flooded with a number of brands that manufacture high-grade robot vacuum cleaners. Neato is gaining popularity among the people who want to have an excellent product that can resolve their cleaning issues. It has launched some of the best models for the customers among which Neato D80 and Neato D85 are the two. Both these devices are equipped with lavish features that ensure thorough and deep cleaning.

If you are wondering which one to pick out of the two, the guide below will help. Here we have compared both the devices and put forward their major features to clear your dilemma. So check it out and find the product of your choice.

Neato D80 VS D85 Comparison Table

Product Image



Weight (lbs)


Neato d80

Neato Botvac D80 Robot Vacuum

Neato Robotics


Neato d85

Neato Botvac D85 Robot Vacuum

Neato Robotics


How are they designed?

Both Neato D80 and D85 are D-shaped that works really well especially in the corners of the room. Neato D80, consists of CornerClever Technology that gets close to the walls and corners to pick up maximum hair, dirt, and dust. Therefore, D80 is a better version when it is about the designing and inclusion of advanced technology.

Neato Botvac D80 Robot Vacuum

Are they easily portable?

In general, robot vacuum cleaners move without human intervention. Both Neato D80 and D85 have easy maneuverability. Apart from that, the inclusion of technologies that facilitate mapping the room and spotting the dirt prone areas make them more convenient. They overcome the obstacles and move around in the room with no hassle.

Neato D85 consists of an extra boundary marker feature which is absent in D80. This tool helps in scheming the movement of the device where you get control of the robot in your hands.

How good are the filters?

Neato D80 consists of one high-performance filter. Sucking the large and small dirt particles and making the entire room clean is its USP. However, on the other hand, Neato D85 comprises three high-performance filters. More filters relate to more purification of the air. Neato D85 makes sure that not even a microscopic particle will remain in the room and thereby it will get hygienically clean.

Do they auto-recharge and resume?

Yes, both Neato D80 and D85 have the feature of docking into the charger when the battery drains out. In this way, you don’t have to worry about the cleaning session getting stopped in the middle. These devices can tackle around 3000 square feet of floor space per cleaning cycle.

What are the advanced technologies in Neato robot vacuum cleaners?

Well, Neato is known for accustoming its vacuum cleaners with advanced technologies to make cleaning more efficient and organized. Both D80 and D85 have a set of technologies which makes them the best out of all.

Some of the most useful and advanced technologies used in them are

Patented Neato Technology: This technology is present in both devices. The laser smart mapping and navigation system scans the entire room and maps it. Once the mapping is done, it starts cleaning methodically instead of randomly bumping around.

CornerClever Technology: It is present in Neato D80 wherein cleaning the corners becomes the easiest task to enroll. Unlike other robot vacuum cleaners that are round in shape and not able to collect the dirt from tight corners, Neato devices are easy and hassle-free. Due to their D-shaped design, they offer maximum hair pickup.

SpinFlow Power Clean Technology: This is one of the most useful technologies which is present in both the devices. It combines the precision brushes, and potent suction that makes sure not even the smallest of the dirt and dust will remain on the floor. Other than this, the presence of easy to swap combo and blade brush ensure thorough cleaning. There is precise edge cleaning side brush as well so that not even a speck of dust remains behind.

What are the accessories?

The most important and useful accessory that Neato devices feature are specialized brushes and boundary markers. While the combo brushes precisely work on the floor and corners of the room, boundary marker makes sure you get the control of the device in your hands for its smart movement. While specialized brushed are present in both the devices, boundary markers are present in Neato D85 only.

Some important pros and cons of Neato D80 and Neato D85

Neato D80


  • Good suction and active air filter.
  • Large and useful dirt reservoir which is easy to use.
  • Combo brushes that work well on all the areas of the room.
  • Advanced technologies for effective cleaning.


  • Consist of just one high-performance filter.
  • Proper space is required for docking and self-charging.
  • Battery issues may come with time.

Neato D85


  • Smooth transition to the floor from carpets and vice versa.
  • Three high-performance filters.
  • It is quiet in operation and very powerful.


  • Brushes require regular cleaning for an efficient job.

Final words

Neato is known for bringing the best for the consumers. Both the devices- Neato D80 and Neato D85 are efficient and pertain to intense cleaning sessions. Although both are competent, there are just a few features that mark the difference between the two. As per our comparison, Neato D85 seems to have more advanced features than Neato D80.

Neato Botvac D85 Robot Vacuum

Neato D85 comprises more high-performance filters and advanced technologies than Neato D80. Moreover, an improved battery life, quiet operation, and easy navigation also contribute to making it a high-end device. Therefore, with more cleaning capabilities and efficient work module, Neato D85 seems a better version. However, the final choice will depend on your personal requirements and budget.

iLIFE V3s vs. iLIFE V5s

iLIFE is one of the reputed and well-established brands. It has manufactured some amazing technology-led vacuum cleaning devices that are equipped with the latest features. The company manufactures its device and categorizes them into three major series- A series, V series and W series. 

Each series is led with different technology which results in different features. If you are thinking to have an iLIFE vacuum cleaner, here we will provide an insight into their V series appliances and compare iLIFE V3s vs. iLIFEV5s. It will give you a fair idea about the two devices and help you draw the buying decision.

iLife V3s vs iLife V5s - Comparison Table

Product Image



Weight (lbs)


iLife v3s









From the infusion of some of the most desired features to well enticing price, everything about this vacuum cleaner is appealing. It is perfect for people who own pets. You will find not only diverse cleaning modes but also powerful suction that makes it easy to work with. As if these were not enough, the company has improved its navigation multiple times.

ILIFE V3s Pro Robotic Vacuum

Let us take a sneak peek into some major advantages and disadvantages of the product


  • Pet Hair Care technology- It is equipped with Pet Hair Care technology that sucks up the pets’ hair from all around the room.
  • HEPA Filtration System- There is a HEPA filtration system which is considered the best in vacuum cleaners. They can trap 99.9% of dirt and dust particles.
  • Design- The low profile design ensures that the device can maneuver easily inside the bed, sofa and other furniture to make it clean.
  • Sensors- There are smart sensors which overcome the obstacles coming in the way and avoid bumping or dropping.
  • Programmable- One can easily schedule the device to work even in their absence. Moreover, it has self-docking and charging feature, so the human intervention seizes to a minimum.
  • Hard floor- It works well on hard floors and ensures giving spotless cleaning.
  • Remote Control- It comes with a remote control with which you can command it anytime to start the cleaning process. Also, there is one-touch technology which leads to auto-cleaning.


  • You need to replace its filter once every month as a maintenance procedure.
  • It doesn’t cater to wet cleaning or dry mopping.

Bottom line- In terms of design, this product is worthy and perfect for splurging. The improved navigation, powerful motor, elaborate brushes, and amazing cleaning performance make it one of the best devices of the time. However, the only drawback of changing the filter every month and the absence of wet mopping gives it a stand back.


Although iLIFE V5s also hails from the same V series,t it has a multitude of features which are not present in its counterparts. It is known to make the cleaning session a lot more easy and free of hassles. Something which sets it apart is the inclusion of dry and wet mopping along with the other features like diverse cleaning modes, advanced i-dropping technology, and self-rescue technology.

ILIFE V5s Pro Robot Vacuum

There are four cleaning modes in iLIFE V5s to meet your different cleaning needs.

1. Auto Clean which cleans the area automatically and randomly.

2. Spot Clean that leads to deep cleaning and pressurizing the special dirty areas.

3. Edge Clean so that all the sides of the walls get free from spider webs or cobwebs.

4. Schedule Clean where you can preset the device, and it will do the needful even when you are sleeping or not in the home.

Let us take a glance over its major pros and cons.


  • Multiple cleaning options- The device can vacuum the floor, sweep them as well as a damp mop- all in one time. It means that your floor will get a gleaming effect with just one device at a time.
  • Powerful motor- It comprises an improved and more powerful motor than the other V series vacuum cleaners. It clearly indicates that there will be powerful suction which will pick up dirt, and debris of all size.
  • Pet Hair Technology- For all the pet owners, it is a blessing. You will never see any furs spread all over the floor or get stuck on the tight corners.
  • Smart sensors- It consists of intelligent sensors that will sense the dirt and dust as well as the places to prevent dropping or to bump.
  • Design- iLIFE V5 has a slim design and excellent maneuverability. It implies that the device can glide under the furniture like sofa and beds with no hassle.
  • Automatic features- It can dock to the charging point automatically to self-charge itself whenever the battery drains out.
  • Multiple floor accessibility- It can work well in all types of floor including hardwood floor, tiles, laminated and much more.


  • No compatibility- The only drawback of such an advanced device is the no smartphone connectivity with Wi-Fi or any other mode.

iLIFE V3s vs iLIFE V5s Final Verdict

Every iLIFE vacuum cleaner is custom-made to meet the requirements of users. It is the reason why they are infused with every basic and many advanced features.

However, when taking a look at iLIFE V3s vs. iLIFE V5s, we can easily say that iLIFE V5s is a better version. It is a step ahead from iLIFE V3s when we talk about performance, design and the presence of smart features. The diverse cleaning modes which ensure thorough cleaning, the i-dropping technology for protecting it from drops and bumps along with the super smart sensors that detect the presence of areas with more dirt and dust, iLIFE V5s becomes more proficient and competent.

The only drawback of lacking connectivity with smartphones can be neglected when you are getting so many advanced features in a device.

It’s time to make the cleaning session a lot more friendly and easy. It’s time to get an iLIFE vacuum device and get a spotless and hygienically clean home.

Kenmore 31140 vs. Kenmore 31150

Kenmore has launched many amazing vacuum cleaners and home appliances for users. It is one of the most trusted names in households for a long time. Whether it is about the quality, performance or convenience, there is nothing in which Kenmore devices have not proved their worth. Manufacturing highly efficient vacuum devices for the past 70 years, Kenmore has improved its technology multiple times to bring technology-led, customer-oriented vacuum cleaners in the market.

Here, we will take a glance at the two most potential vacuum cleaners from the brand- Kenmore 31140 and Kenmore 31150. While both of the devices have a set of unique features, there are a few which make them different from each other. So let us dig around each one of them and see their potentialities and features that differentiate.

Kenmore 31140 vs 31150 : Comparison Table 

Product Image



Weight (lbs)


kenmore 31140

Kenmore 31140



Kenmore 31150

Kenmore 31150



How powerful is the motor

Kenmore 31140- With dual motors and a great suction Kenmore 31140 features an incredible air power. It implies that it will suck up almost everything from the floor. Whether you are dealing with the pet hairs or the mess done by the kids, it will ensure a clean and spotless place instantly. The debris of every size will get trap inside it. Power Flow Technology adds to the worth of the device even more.

Kenmore 31140 Pet & Allergy Friendly Bagged Upright Vacuum Cleaner

Kenmore 31150- It has an amazing suction power which comes due to the presence of 3D Inducer Motor. This extraordinary motor is believed to combine the power of three motors to bring high efficiency in the work. It gives 20% more air power than its counterparts without losing the suction due to the presence of a Beltless Inducer Motor. Power Flow Technology enhances competence even more.

Kenmore Elite 31150 Pet & Allergy Friendly Beltless Bagged Upright Vacuum Cleaner

Bottom Line- A powerful motor signifies the potency of the device. Since both of them are equipped with Power Flow Technology, their efficiency cannot be doubted. However, Kenmore 31150 consists of a 3D motor with the power of three motors making it a better version.

How long is the cord

Kenmore 31140- The cord length of Kenmore 31140 is 30 inches. Although 30 inches is quite a lengthy one, you might need to change the plug now and then if the room is quite big. It might become a little uncomfortable after a while when you start exhausting.

Kenmore 31150- The cord length of Kenmore 31150 is around 35 inches. It means that you will have more ease in cleaning spacious and large rooms. You will not require unplugging and plugging again and again, and it helps in accomplishing the task fast.

Bottom Line- Kenmore 31150, being 5 inches extra in cord length is giving an additional reason to splurge on it. If you have a large space to clean you can do that in one go. Covering larger spaces without the need for unplugging definitely make things hassle-free.

What is the difference in weight

Kenmore 31140- This device is around 19 pounds in weight and is quite light when it comes to upright vacuum cleaners. Moving it around the house is easy. However, if you have to work upstairs or downstairs, you will need to pick it up.

Kenmore 31150- Kenmore 31150 is 20 pounds which makes it just one pound more than its counterpart. Easy to glide over the rooms by small push, this device can make cleaning session hassle-free.

Bottom Line- With just one pound, it doesn’t make a huge difference in weight. Both of them are easy to move or glide around the house for convenient cleaning. The drawback of picking it up for taking it upstairs is in both of them. So, weight doesn’t show any significant difference between the two devices.

How well they perform

Kenmore 31140- Due to the presence of two powerful motors, Kenmore 31140 has a wonderful suction. It can pick up dirt and debris of almost every size. Moreover, you can adjust the brush to vacuum different kinds of surfaces. It comes with an extra brush for extra efficient cleaning.

Kenmore 31150- With Kenmore 31150, you can work on the hard floor as well as carpets and rugs. People who have pets in their home can finally get rid pets’ furs which usually spread on the floor or get stuck in the carpets. The extra setting for pet owners does the needful. Other than these, it also comes with an adjustable telescopic wand which can reach the tight corners of the room to remove the dirt and dust thoroughly.

Bottom Line- When it comes to performance, Kenmore 31150 is a better version due to the 3D motor, powerful suction, and multi-surface cleaning. So if you are a pet owner and fed up of pets’ hair all around, get Kenmore 31150.

How efficient are the filters

Kenmore 31140- This device consists of triple HEPA filters which are so far considered the best in vacuum cleaners. It can trap dust and dirt as small as mini microns in size. HEPA filters are best for people who are allergic as it can also trap allergens efficiently. Certified by the Asthma and Allergy Foundation of America, no one can doubt its authenticity. There is a HEPA cloth bag where all the dust gets accumulated.

Kenmore 31150- Kenmore 31150 also consists of triple HEPA filtration system which is typical to the brand Kenmore. It is also certified by the Asthma and Allergy Foundation of America. With the efficiency to pick up the smallest of dirt and dust, it makes the ambiance of the room hygienically clean. People allergic to dust can go for this device without any dilemma.

Bottom Line- Both the vacuum cleaners comprise HEPA filters. Therefore there is no significant difference between the two in this feature. With an excellent filtration system, you can go for anyone to get a hygienically clean house.

Additional features:

1. Both the devices come with three extra attachments. These are-

  • A combination of dusting and crevice tool for baseboards and tight corners
  • A telescoping wand helps you reach up to 10 feet to those awkward corners
  • A Pet Handi-Mate(R) eliminates pet hair and dander

2. Kenmore 31150 consists of Infrared Dirt Sensor which means it can see the dirt which is not visible to your eyes. This feature is absent in Kenmore 31140.

3. There are 5 height adjustments in Kenmore 31150 so that different types of surfaces can be worked on efficiently. On the contrary, Kenmore 31140 has only 4 height adjustments with LED lights that illuminate the way for clean surfaces.

Final words

Upright vacuum cleaners have always been one of the foremost choices of people. The level of convenience they endow is unfathomable. Moreover, they are easy to store as well.

When it is about Kenmore, you don’t have to give a second thought but buy its device instantly. It is one of those brands which people trust and do not hesitate in buying. When we compare the two wonderful vacuum cleaners- Kenmore 31140 vs. 31150 we can clearly see that Kenmore 31150 is more efficient and useful in many features. From the basic features like a powerful motor and a long cord to unique ones like the dirt sensor, Kenmore 31150 has scored more points.

So, now that you have understood both the vacuum cleaners and implicit their working module, it’s time to grab the one which meets your requirements the most.

With Kenmore, you will never disappoint!

Hoover Spotless Vs. Bissell Spotclean

Two most popular names in the vacuuming industry are Hoover and Bissell. Both are well-known to manufacture high-grade vacuum cleaners. However, there a few points which bring differences between the two regarding the design and cleaning performances.

If you are wondering whether to invest in Hoover or Bissell, the content below will help. Here we have compared the two potent products from these two reliable brands- Hoover Spotless and Bissell SpotClean. Check them out and make the best decision.

Hoover Spotless VS Bissell Spotclean (Comparing Table)

Product Image



Weight (lbs)


Hoover Spotless

Hoover Spotless



Bissell Spotclean

Bissell Spotclean



Different Between Hoover Spotless Vs Bissell Spotclean

Cleaning performance

How well a vacuum cleaner cleans the space is all that determines its usefulness. It is essential that the cleaning performance of the equipment is superlative.

Hoover Spotless endows convenient deep cleaning. The device is believed to spray the water, scrub the space and efficiently remove the stains and spills. It works really well on all kinds of mess ranging from pets’ fur or hairs to everyday mishaps.

Bissell SpotClean, on the other hand, utilizes powerful suction to remove spots, stains and stubborn dirt. The power pack cleaning combines different activities like string suction, scrubbing and cleaning with the help of professional cleaning solution and tools.


Weight is one of the most important features to consider when you are getting a vacuum cleaner. While heavyweight devices can make you feel tired soon, lightly weighted ones are always easy to carry and clean large spaces with little efforts.

Bissell SpotClean weighs around 16.4 pounds and has the dimensions of 10 x 14 x 14 inches. On the other hand, Hoover Spotless is just 9 pounds with the dimensions of 9.7 x 13.9 x 15 inches.

Bottom Line- The lightweight and compact size of Hoover clearly indicates that it is far better than Bissell to carry around and accomplish the tasks. Nine pounds weight is easy to work with on different areas and carry to different rooms or upstairs.

Power cord length

The longer is the power cord, the better it is. You can work with the device easily without changing the switches now and then. It saves time and efforts and also makes you feel less tired.

The cord’s length of Bissell SpotClean vacuum cleaner is around 22 feet while it is 14 feet in Hoover Spotless.

Bottom Line- Bissell scores more here with the longer cord. You can switch it on at a place and work as far as 22 feet with no worries due to its long power cord.


Accessories ease the cleaning work. Generally, the vacuum cleaners come with a few extra tools to make the cleaning session effortless. These tools become essential when you have to clean hard to reach places. Moreover, they also reach below the furniture for thorough cleaning.

Bissell SpotClean comes with two major tools- 3-inch stain tool and 3-inch stair tool. Both of them help in removing the stubborn stains from the floor or upholstery. Other than these, it also comprises one trails size bottle of deep cleaning formula. All three of these products make the cleaning more efficient.

Hoover Spotless comes with a multipurpose tool along with a trial bottle of pre-teat gel and cleaning solution. These help in getting rid of hard stains and make the place thoroughly clean.

Bottom Line- Both the devices comprises essential tools as well as the cleaning solution. So on the basis of tools, you can get any one of them and get the things done.

Tank Capacity

The tank is one essential prerequisite for any vacuum cleaner. The larger is the tank, the more dirt it can hold. It means you don’t have to run frequently to throw the dirt and empty the tank.

Bissell SpotClean comprises one tank, and Hoover Spotless comprises a dual tank system. It means that there will be two separate tanks for two different purposes. While one tank will hold the clean water, another one will keep the filthy one. So what makes them different here? Well, it is the tank’s capacity. Bissell’s tank is bigger with the size 96 oz. The tanks in Hoover are 51 ounces (clean water) and 36 ounces (dirty water).

Bottom Line- The bigger tank of Bissell scores more as you will go farther between the refills. However, at the same time, two separate tanks of Hoover makes the work organized but go have to make multiple trips for refilling.

Self-cleaning technology

If any device is equipped with self-cleaning technology, it naturally gets an upper place. It is because you don’t have to worry about its maintenance.

Hoover Spotless comprises a self-cleaning hose. It prevents the development of odor by automatically flushing off the dirt and debris. All that you need is to plug the hose into the cleaning port on the back and turn your device on. It will flush out the dirt and filths, is any, keeping the device clean and fresh. It will not let the device to omit awful odor later. Bissell is not equipped with any such feature.

Bottom Line- Hoover Spotless with a self-cleaning hose, grabs more points.

Final Words

When it comes to cleaning, it is crucial that the device comprises most of the features to ensure better and thorough cleaning. In some aspects, Hoover seems better like in self-cleaning technology, dual tank system, and lightweight. Likewise, Bissell gives the impression of a better version when we consider features like cord length, tank capacity, and powerful suction.

​Hoover Spotless Check Customer Reviews at Amazon

Bissell Spotclean Check Customer Reviews at Amazon

So, all that you need is to know your preferences and then make the right choice. While spotless cleaning is the primary vision, you can’t escape the importance of lightweight. However, if you still want us to suggest one device, we will recommend you to get Bissell.

With the larger tank size, longer power cord and greater suction it can fulfill the basic requirements without making you feel tired after the cleaning session.

Pick the one which impresses you the most and makes the most out of it. Choose wisely!

Roomba 960 vs. 966

If your next purchase of the year is going to be a vacuum cleaner, I will suggest better going for a modern and advanced version. One of the best options could be pondering on the iRobot series from Roomba. Today we will compare the two potential devices viz., Roomba 960 and Roomba 966 and know the similarity and differences between them.

Robot vacuum cleaners have brought a storm in the recent past. People who have a hectic schedule and busy lives and those who love to own technologically advanced gadgets prefer to splurge on robot vacuum cleaners.

Why getting a robot vacuum cleaner is a good option

Making the life of people easy, robot vacuum cleaners have a lot to offer. Some of them are:

  • Easy to use
  • Highly efficient
  • Saves time and efforts
  • Can work effectively on different surfaces
  • Work well on different types of dirt and dust
  • Compact and small in size
  • Easy to carry and store

Why Roomba stands out of all

Although there are many companies involved in the manufacturing of robot vacuum cleaners, only a few have managed to make a remarkable place in the market. One of them is Roomba. They use specialized techniques like iAdapt navigation, 3-stage cleaning system, dirt detect technology and much more to make their products unique.

Moreover, it has launched a number of products in the same category. It helps you choose the best one for your use.

Comparison Table of Roomba 960 VS 966

Product Image



Weight (lbs)

Dimension (inch)


roomba 960

Roomba 960



13.8 x 13.8 x 3.6

roomba 966

Roomba 966



13.7 x 13.7 x 3.5

Everything you need to know about Roomba 960 and Roomba 966

Both Roomba 960 and Roomba 966 are equipped with the advanced features making them distinctive. Their smart cleaning helps people of all ages to make fewer efforts to get a clean home. They can efficiently work on multiple surfaces like a hard floor, carpets, and rugs with 5X suction.

iRobot Roomba 960 Robot Vacuum with Wi-Fi Connectivity

How do they navigate

Roomba 960 utilizes patented iAdapt 2.0 navigation with vSLAM technology. It is an advanced one which allows the robot to map the surroundings and detect the areas of dirt and dust. It keeps a special eye on the parts which require more scrubbing. The direct detect sensor is an add-on feature of the device.

Roomba 966, on the other hand, make use of intelligent visual navigation for cleaning with a full suite of sensors. It also detects the areas with stubborn dirt and put extra efforts for complete removal. However, due to the absence of vSLAM, it scores little less than Roomba 960.

iRobot Roomba 966 - Bagless 0.6, Black/Silver, Robotic Vacuum Cleaner

What is their cleaning system

Both the devices are equipped with an AeroForce 3-stage cleaning system that provides up to 5X suction. It helps them loosening the dirt and then lifting it up with the powerful suction. It will help you get rid of pet hairs, dirt, and dust of all size.

Roomba 960 comprises dual multi-surface rubber brushes. They ensure adjusting and flexing to stay in contact with the surfaces easily. The compact size of the device let it enter inside the furniture and clean under the beds, sofas, and tables with ease.

Roomba 966 comprises dual counter-rotating extractors with a rubber tread design. It reduces the common problems like hair tangling that decreases the quality of the brush. Other than this, the spinning side brushes add to the worth of the device making it more efficient.

What is their connectivity strength

You can command Roomba devices from anywhere by installing iRobot HOME App in your smartphone or tablet. You may schedule and clean the entire house with this app and may access to tips, tricks and support easily. From customizing cleaning to glancing at the Clean Map reports you can perform varied functions right from your smartphone.

While Roomba 960 is compatible with Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant, Roomba 966 doesn’t entertain this feature. All this makes Roomba 960 a better version when it comes to compatibility.

Do they automatically dock and recharge

This is one of the most alluring features of robot vacuum cleaners that you don’t have to worry about their charging. Both Roomba 960 and Roomba 966 have the feature of automatically returning to its home base between cleaning to recharge. It makes them ready to use all the time. Once the battery starts to drain, the device moves to the docking point to get all the energy from the power supply and resume the work.

How to Dock Roomba for Charging Check this Video

How efficient are the filters

Roomba 960 comprises high-efficiency filters. It is perfect for houses with pets. With the power to capture 99% allergens, it ensures the ambiance to make hygienically clean. It can easily pick up the dirt and dust particles as small as 10 microns.

Roomba 966 comprises HEPA filters which are considered so far the best filters for the vacuum cleaners. They have the ability to tarp 99.9% of dirt and dust particles, no matter how small they are. It makes Roomba 966 a better device that makes the house hygienically clean. The chances of getting infections to reduce drastically.

What is the size

The robot vacuum cleaners from Roomba are small and compact in size making them easy to use and store. The compact size helps them move under the bed, sofa and other furniture easily. The dimension of Roomba 960 is 13.8 x 13.8 x 3.6 inches with the weight 8.6 pounds. Roomba 966, on the other hand, is 13.7 x 13.7 x 3.5 cm and weigh 8.6 pounds. So, all in all, both comprise similar size and dimensions.

Wrapping up

Roomba has brought the best robot vacuum cleaners. Although both the above products- Roomba 960 and Roomba 966 are wonderful and endow great results, some of the features make one superior to the other.

Dirt detector technology, automatic docking, and recharging, multi-surface cleaning, AeroForce Extractors, edge-cleaning brushes, self-adjusting cleaning head are some of the similar add-on features in both of them. However, HEPA filters, soft-touch bumper, and cliff-detection sensor make Roomba 966 slightly better. Likewise, Roomba 960 has amazing navigation technology giving it more points.

So, overall both of the devices are amazing and endow great results. Which product is feasible for you depends entirely upon your choice.

In this technology-driven world, it is a robot vacuum cleaner that can take the stress from your shoulders. So pick the right one and let a robot do the needful.

Does Roomba Work On Thick Carpet?

Hands-free cleaning is something we all yearn for. Having a device by the side which is schedulable and can clean the entire house with minimum human intervention is a blessing. There are a number of companies that are using technologically advanced features to make cleaning better. However, only a few have managed to make a place in the heart of customers. No wonder, Roomba is one of them.


Whenever there is talk about technology-driven vacuum cleaners, the name of Roomba comes for sure. It has grabbed the eyes of consumers the most for endowing the top-notch class services and features. However, the major concern still lies whether Roomba works on thick carpets or not.

Does roomba work on thick carpet

As we already know, Roomba is apt for multiple surfaces. Whether there is a hard floor, carpets or rugs, it can effectively navigate due to the amazing iAdapt Navigation technology to work on them. The dirt-detect sensors find out the areas of intense and stubborn dirt to work on it effectively. But the question still remains the same- will it work on carpets which are thick?

The carpets are divided into different categories out of which the plush ones are thick, luxurious and have a soft and velvety appearance. Although they endow great comfort, they also get dirty very soon. These thick floor coverings give an aesthetic view to the floor and the entire room. However, at the same time, being the center of attraction they easily trap the dirt and get filthy.

It requires special features for a vacuum cleaner to work on thick carpets. Some of the distinct features of Roomba vacuum cleaners that make them unique and feasible for thick carpets are:

  • AeroForce 3-stage cleaning system
  • Tangle-free extractors
  • Powerful suction 

These three features bring the desired functionality and make the thick carpet as clean as ever. Wondering how? Let us take a glance at each feature one by one.

AeroForce 3-stage Cleaning System

AeroForce implies a powerful cleaning system which ensures digging out the dirtiest of the dirt and giving you a clean and tidy place. It makes use of strong force to remove the dust. The 3-stage cleaning can be divided into-

1. There is a counter-rotating tangle brush that moves through the fabric of carpets intensely and remove the deeply embedded stubborn dirt.

2. The edge-sweeping brushes then work on the edges for complete removal of filths of different sizes.

3. The entire dirt, then moves to the trash bin where it gets collected only to be thrown into the dustbin.

This 3-stage process of cleaning makes sure you get a clean carpet after every cleaning session.

Tangle-free extractors

The major problem with most of the vacuum cleaners is they take out the threads while cleaning the carpet. It reduces the quality of the upholstery. However, due to tangle-free extractors, this problem overcomes. The threads do not come out while vacuuming; making your carpet as new as it was when purchased.

Powerful suction

It is not just the powerful suction that works but the highly efficient filters as well that contributes to making the device effective for carpets. It is believed that the vacuum cleaners from Roomba remove up to 99% of the dirt, dust, and debris along with the pet hairs. Pet owners often complain of their pets’ hair remaining in the upholstery and floor even after vacuuming. However, with Roomba devices, this is not the problem as it ensures giving a pet hair free and hygienic ambiance.


With all these features encompassing, you can just sit back, relax and let your robot do the work. Roomba can easily handle not only the hard floor but the high-pile floor areas as well. They are designed especially to meet the requirements of thick carpet and make them dirt and dust free.

So yes, Roomba, being carpet-friendly actually works on them and do the needful. Neither your thick carpet will get damage nor will you feel cheated. All that you need is getting a cup of coffee and chill. Let your Roomba device rush into your floor, below furniture and all over the carpet to give a clean and tidy home.

EasyLint Professional Sweater Shaver (Remove Your Bobbles Efficiently)

Are you fed up of seeing your favorite cloth getting pills?

Do you pick out the bobbles in your spare time to make your cloth look fresh?

Well, you are not alone. Piling which is a common phenomenon of appearance of pills or bobbles in the clothes makes them look old and torn. The cloth loses its softness and texture as a whole making it worthless to wear again.

There is an ultimate charm is wearing brand new clothes. Isn’t it? The smell of the new clothes coming right from the wardrobe makes the entire day pleasant. However, once you start wearing, the chances of them getting bobbles after some time also raise. It happens not only after regular use but after certain washes as well.

If you no longer want to remove the lint manually, it’s time to look upon one of the best devices that can do the needful. Here we are talking about Easylint Professional Sweater Shaver that has gained popularity among the people for effectively removing the lint, fuzz, pill, bobble from a variety of clothes.

Easylint Professional Sweater Shaver

Let us take a glance over the key features of Easylint Professional Sweater Shaver and know what makes it unique.

Key Features:

  • Works well with multiple fabrics
  • Comprises 5 watts motor for effective work
  • Replaceable blades
  • Zipper storage case
  • Attractive and user-friendly design

Whether you have an old sweater or shirt that looks awful due to intense bobbles or a new one with light pills here and there, this device will work wonders and make your apparel new and fresh. The best thing is you can use it not only on your clothes but curtains, bed sheets, duvets, drapes, sofas, couches and almost everywhere.

How Easylint Professional Sweater Shaver works?

The power source of the device is A/C adapter and 5W DC motor. There are stainless steel rotator blades that remove the bobbles efficiently without any hassles. The presence of large 2.5 inches shaving head does the entire removal work with perfection. You need to hold the device with its strong soft touch grip handle and stroke it on the affected areas.

On which fabrics Easylint Professional Sweater Shaver works?

As already discussed this device works well on multiple fabrics; you can use it over wool, cotton, linen, Lycra without any fuss. Generally, pilling occurs due to friction caused by intense usage or washing the cloth. Lint occurs quickly if the cloth is of low quality. However, with this device, you can easily get rid of them making the fabric look fresh and new.

You may use it over:

  • Fabrics: wool, cotton, linen, lycra
  • Bedding: Sheets, Blankets, Comforters & Duvets
  • Furniture: Chairs, Sofas, Couches, Seat Cushions, Curtains & Drapes

What is the durability of Easylint Professional Sweater Shaver?

The device is made up of high-grade and durable materials. The sturdy ABS body and stainless steel blades ensure it will last longer and endow effective results with every stroke. Each component of the product is professional, reliable and long-lasting.

Sweater Shaver Easylint

What are the accessories one gets with Easylint Professional Sweater Shaver?

Users will get different essential components like lint tray, 69’ long cord and plug, spare blades, bobble remover, EasyLint shaver, cleaning brush, and one stylish zipper storage case. The carrying case consists of handles to make the device easy to carry anywhere. You will also get one instruction manual to understand how it works.

Extra perks of getting the Easylint Professional Sweater Shaver

It is a premium grade bobble remover device which comes with some additional perks. Some of them are:

  • The shaving head of the device is extra large so that maximum lint came out with each stroke.
  • Lint collector is also spacious enough to collect a good amount of bobbles at a time.
  • The handle has a soft grip for easy maneuvering over the fabrics and effective result.
  • The cord is extra long so that you can work with no fuss.
  • The blades are made up of stainless steel making it durable and efficient.
  • The matte black design makes it alluring and stylish enough to work with.

Being a proficient sweater shaver, it makes a perfect gift to your family and friends as well. Coming in a wonderful zipper case, you can gift wrap it and present it on the occasions like house warming party. I bet your mother will love it.

The size of the device is 13.9 x 8.1 x 4.1 inches, and it weighs just 1.96 pounds. So, overall, compact in size and light in weight it is user-friendly and can be easily handled by anyone. The On/Off switch is right at the handle to make working fun, easy and quick.

Another alluring fact is the presence of replaceable blades. Once the blades become blunt, you can get another from the market and replace the old ones with the new. Apart from this, coming with a 100% money back guarantee Easylint Professional Sweater Shaver is one lucrative product to deal with.

Wrapping up:

We wish one could spell some magic and makes the clothes look fresh and new but alas! Although there are many other ways of removing the lint from the fabrics the one which works effectively and saves your time is Easylint Professional Sweater Shaver.

One can also remove the lint by using:

  • A sweater comb- It is a manual version of electric sweater shaver which consumes a lot of time.
  • A shaving razor- A new razor with sharp blades can also remove the pills to some extent, but if the fabric is thin, the chances of damaging the cloth also raise.

Other than these, if you have plenty of time, you may just start picking out the pills one by one which is, of course, a very lengthy, tiring and boring practice.

So if you are looking for one of the best ways of removing the lint from the fabrics of clothes, furniture or bedding, Easylint Professional Sweater Shaver is your ultimate option. Get one for yourself and renew the fabrics instantly!

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