Are Robotic Vacuums Good for Pet Hair?

There are many varieties of robot vacuums now available on the market; there popularity has peaked in recent years. At first these devices were considered as another tech-based product, championing new technology over actual capability. Now as this market has grown, so to has the power and usefulness of its products.

As robotic vacuums have grown in popularity and capability, some have become specifically designed to tackle pet hair and messes. These designs have gained a lot of interest, as it is such a time and energy saver for pet owners hoping to keep their houses clean of pet debris.

However, some still question their operating skills when compared to traditional vacuum cleaners, asking for a complete list of pros and cons when the two products are compared and to find out what robot vacuum cleaner is considered the best one to tackle pet hair.

Do Robotic Vacuum Cleaners Work Better Than Traditional Vacuum Cleaners?

Robotic vacuum cleaners are a great investment for those that live busy schedules; many owners find that their floors can be cleaned twice a day in some cases whilst they busy themselves with other jobs. Now robotic vacuums can navigate themselves back to their charging points, get fully charged and continue cleaning messes across your house with ease.

Robotic Vacuum Cleaner

Granted, there are some predicaments that could cause chaos in a pet friendly house. If you have a lot of pet food out, if your pet relives themselves on your flooring whilst you are not there to clean it then a robot hoover may try to clean these spots. This could make more mess than was there initially as the robot hoover will see this as debris that it can clean up, when in fact it cannot.

Traditional hovering can be backbreaking pushing around a chunky powerful machine and can take up a lot of your time. Whilst most traditional hoovers offer a brilliant finish, those owners with large houses or limited free time do not want to spend their time doing chores. Robot hoovers takes the pain out of vacuuming, making it an easy, quite fun experience.

It seems that their actual capabilities now are matched, the only difference between robotic and manual vacuums is the level of knowledge and time you have, or are willing to learn or give, to ensure they run exactly how you would like them to. Old school manual vacuuming may be more suited to an older audience or for those people with a small surface area to clean. Robotic vacuums are preferred by first adopters to new technology, people with large houses and little free time and those that find it a struggle to physically vacuum their houses.

The Pros of Using Robotic Vacuum

  • There are many different cleaning modes to be experimented and better target your specific cleaning needs.
  • Many robot vacuums have angled brushes attached to better clean those hard to reach areas and corners.
  • They now come with an option to purchase both a vacuum and hoover, 2-in-1 products.
  • They can navigate themselves back to their charging points with ease, re-charge and continue cleaning your house.
  • They are more powerful now, offering certain added fixtures like a rubber surface suction port, offering a more thorough clean.
  • They usually come with dirt detect technology, so no debris gets missed when cleaning.
  • They can be programmed to only clean certain rooms or areas with ease.

The Cons of Using Robotic Vacuum

  • Robotic vacuums do not cope well with wires and cables.
  • Certain flooring can cause navigation issues (shiny flooring, black flooring etc.)

What's The Best Roomba For Pet Hair?

The best Roomba on the market at the moment for collecting pet hair has to be the iRobot Roomba i7+. This model is fully equipped with powerful suction that can deliver up to ten times the air power of other Roomba models.

The Roomba i7+ offers its users dual brushes, made to get and lift pet hair and has been designed to capture 99% of dog and cat allergens, as well as mould, dust mites and pollen.

The i7+ cleans itself onto a clean base, meaning that the user does not have to worry about emptying its disposal bin for over 60 days, making it a great time saver. The vacuum is compatible with many smart home platforms, this means you can speak to your robot vacuum through your Alexa or Google Home device and give it navigation directions or other orders, which is a massive technological advance.

The Roomba i7+ is an extremely luxurious robot vacuum, but it has received brilliant reviews for cleaning up after pets and just generally keeping your house fresh and clean with ease.

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