7 Essential Ways to Remove Dust From Air

No one wants her sweet home full of dust. It is essential to keep your home dust free since dust in the air causes asthma, sneezing, skin allergy and so on. All people especially busy women always trying to find out what little ways they need to do daily to keep the air dust free.

The dust varies in its composition and is different from one home to the next. The source of dust depends on the number of people staying at home. When anybody enters into a room and does something, he does likely to shed cells and increases the dust in that room.

Interestingly some cool ways exist which can make the air dust free in a few minutes at most. Before taking dust cleaning steps, you must know the dust sources so that you can avoid them easily. So take a look.

  • You and your family including beloved pets shed dead skin cells subconsciously. These dead skin cells turn into dust and become finer dust particles in the air.
  • Fiber is also a part of the air and pollutes the air after combining with dust in lint form. Such pollutant comes from furniture, upholstery, and clothing.
  • Pollen is powdery particles spread from plants mixed with air after combining with dust.

Essential Steps To Clean The Air

1. Regular Vacuum: Vacuum cleaner is an advanced and effective gadget to clean the dust from the surface.

A good vacuum cleaner takes dirt and traps microscopic particles in its filtering system.

So using such machine instead of a traditional broom, you can clean the dust to keep the air clean within minutes.

Regular Vacuum

2. Utilizing Air Filter And Purifier: It is essential to utilize high-quality filters if you use forced air heater and cooler for seasonal need. You should also utilize a good air purifier to clean the air.

Make sure the air purifier includes HEPA filtration and activated carbon filter systems. And you must clean and change them regularly every few months or at least every season.

3. Floor Mopping: You should mop the floors to clean after vacuuming. Use non-toxic cleaner and warm water with a dash of soap or vinegar which evaporates smell quickly. Since floor mopping ensures dust free air, you need to do it regularly.

4. Outside Dusting: After cleaning your home, you should dust outside too because this is the main source of dirt and debris. Your home-air gets dust and pollutants through air flow if your surrounding is full of pollution. So don’t forget to clean you home outside too.

5. Avoiding Carpet: Carpet is hard to maintain as it’s a great place for dust mites to live although we are comfortable walking on it. It may cause severe allergies because it clogs all type of dust, pollutants, and allergens.

You have to vacuum and clean carpet regularly which is bit tough. So installing tiles, linoleum, vinyl and the like are even more practical instead of carpet if you want the home with dust-free air.

6. Cleaning Bed sheet And Curtain: You have to change and clean your bedding's regularly. As the dust mites usually hide in bedding's, they may cause your skin itching and allergy. So you should use allergen-proof covers to get rid of such problem.

The curtains on windows and doors prevent dust and pollutants from entering into the home. That’s why you must maintain the curtains properly if you want clean air for you and family.

7. Regular Pet Cleaning: If you are a pet lover and have a pet especially dogs and cats then you must clean and groom them regularly.

That’s because they shed hair and fur all over the place where they stay.

Their furs may result in an air-dust problem in your home. You need to clean not only the sofa and carpets where they sit but also their cage or living place.

Regular pet cleaning

Final Verdict

Neat and clean makes a life healthier. Maintaining cleaning tasks for family ensures you a dust-free air at your home. Skipping clutter keeps the home tidy to minimize dust. Using toxin free products keeps the home healthier.

Another significant note is that often dust mites are tiny bugs that feed off of the dust particles. If you can remove dust, you have a better chance of killing the dust mites from your house. So follow these cool ways to remove dust from your home and enjoy a happy and healthy life.

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